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Hello everyone!

I hope you are well!

Remember, is our HIIT zoom class tomorrow at 18:30pm (UK time). The zoom link is:

I've also got the feedback from the team members that attended the class last week and the identified issues are:

1. Internet connection - Solution: We’ve got the wifi booster.

2. Higher intensity - Solution: The instructor will start giving 2 exercise options at a time, 1 hard and 1 easy.

3. Abs exercises - Solution: The instructor will add 5 abs' exercises.

4. No jumping - Solution: No jumping exercises

5. Bad music quality - Solution: The members can play their own music from another device. For example they can hear the instructor from their laptop and music of their choice from their phone.

Thank you for your feedback ladies (@Kjell Horn @khalidawahid @leung.suki @nelly.zheleva Elisa and Sophia!) !!! I really appreciate your time and you honesty!

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