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Alcohol is a big part of the culture in the UK. What's the first thing you do after tying the knot? Toast to the bride and groom. You’re having a baby? You wet the baby's head. You meet up with friends? You sink a few drinks while socialising. You get the picture - a lot of occasions and events revolve around and entail alcohol, and that's fine! Consuming alcohol doesn’t mean you can't get results and that dream physique you’re working for. I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be a speedbump to progress, but if you can accommodate it and make smarter choices, you can still achieve what you want to achieve. That's not a free pass to go out and get blind drunk every weekend though! I have put this guide together to educate you on how to stay on track without completely eliminating alcohol and restricting yourself.

The Alcohol Cheat Sheet

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